Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cheap thrills

Hello sweeties,
I've just got home...had a really super long day and even though I'm super tired,  I still wanted to pass by and say "hello" and share a fashionable look with you all today :)! I'm wearing this super cute shirt from Poppy Lovers, Asos jeans and the shoes are from Lightinthebox. For the rest, I'll let you check out my ootd trailer video from my YouTube channel ( I invite you to subscribe btw :D )

What I wore:
- Poppy Lovers shirt 
- Asos jeans (similar jeans here
- Lightinthebox shoes
- Zara bag ( find other beautiful bag designs here)

Thank you so much for taking a minute of your time to check out my little old blog :D
Hope you like the look and don't forget to leave a comment with your honest opinion!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Grey situation

Hello sweeties,
Yes. Grey. Again! It's Belgium, what can you expect? Today it literally rained ice... and it's almost May :/ freaking spring which is acting out as a late fall! I hate Belgium for the weather part... And everything is grey - our poet Bacovia would have been so happy to leave her and be inspired for his sad poems. 
So today's look will be also grey - this beautiful grey dress from DressLily - to be worn with something underneath though :). I wore shorts. And styled it with these super cute sunnies from Born Pretty Store which are so cool! I totally love them and you'll be seeing me wearing them so much :)
Also, I added these superbe earrings from Luna Pyxis  that are stylish and work with so many outfits.
Curious ? Here's my outfit of the day trailer on YouTube (please don't forget to subs):

What I wore:
- Zara bag
- Karen Millen booties

Thank you for visiting the blog, guys and before my head falls into my pillow even though it's super early, I wish you all a great evening watching Game of Thrones you lucky _____---___ !! :D
I'll watch it tomorrow when I wake up :D

Home decor

Hi guys,
Before my usual ootd post, I thought I should do a home decoration article on an awesome online shop, Ankit, that sells so many cool stuff for the house, for your phone and much more. You probably heard of them awhile ago as I had the cute iphone case from their store.
They sent me different pieces from their collection, such as lights and stick emojis which I find super cool!

This is just an idea on how to hang out your lightning. I always liked interior design and these little astuces to make your home look fancier, well, I think it's a great thing!

And this is a car freshener that smells so nice and looks very fashionable!

Really hope you like my little article on something else than fashion :)
Stay tuned for my usual outfit post :D

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The gift

Hello sweeties,
I had such a lovely day ! As a big fan of Burger King (and yes, I eat junk food as I eat healthy food - I think there is no harm in doing something bad as long as you don't exaggerate), I went to France today to enjoy a nice afternoon with my family. Of course, I went to Sephora and bought a few things too! Belgium doesn't have so many international companies like Sephora or Burger King so you always have to go to Holland or France for these sucks, right?
Anyway, it was really fun and I'm looking forward to do it again sometime soon :).
Speaking of fun, today's look is no less. I'm a sucker for boho looks, very hip and cool this Spring. To mix a boho look, you'll need at least a boho clothing piece, in my case this Poppy Lovers shirt and of course some extra hippy accessories; I'm wearing, of course, my awesome wrist watch from Jord. It's an attention grabbing piece and I think so nice for this season! Also, this is a super cool anniversary or birthday gift, reason why, I would like you to check out this link and redeem your special gift card!
Meanwhile, I'll leave you to check my ootd trailer on Youtube, as well as my awesome pics:

What I wore:
- Urban Outfitters leggings
- Bag from my trip to Egypt (local made)

Really hope you like the look, guys!
Don't forget to leave a comment with your honest opinion - your feedback counts so much for me :D

Friday, April 22, 2016

Girls Like

Hello sweeties,
Although I said I'll totally enjoy this weekend at maximum, I went to the gym, I took care of some business in the morning and here I am again in front of the pc to share with you a new awesome look, totally perfect for Friday. Why? Because Friday is just that suited day to work and go out at night, so this dress that I'm wearing is perfect for the occasion. Besides my Vesper247 dress, I'm also rocking my Neuville bag and for accessories, I went minimalistic, wearing just my Luna Pyxis T open cuff bracelet. 💃🏼
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What I wore:
- Mango shoes ( find similar printed shoes here)

Thank you so much for viewing, guys!
I do hope you like the look and as for me, I'll be in front of a good movie tonight. Total relax :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The sand castle

Hello sweeties,
Hope your week is going well...tomorrow is already FRIDAY <3! I have a really busy week to come so I'll fully take advantage of my weekend :). I know that you're eager to check out the new ootd, but I must take a moment to thank you for helping me to cross 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS - WAW, it has been a crazy ride, right? :) Hope it will be fashionable crazier ! So, stay tuned cause there is so much more to come :)
Anyway, I'll let you check out this boho look featuring my beautiful Poppy Lovers dress that I brighten up mixing this Vanessa Mooney necklace (which is available at Shopbop).
Firstly, my ootd video trailer on YouTube ( don't forget to subs ):

What I wore:
- Zara sandals 
- Urban Outfitters bag

Thank you so much for visiting and for always supporting me and my blog <3
Hope you'll come back tomorrow for yet another ootd :D